SUSTAGEN  is an injectable mixture of testosterone esters that is often used by bodybuilders to improve muscle mass. Because of its high efficiency it is used by boxers, athletes and even soccer players.

SUSTAGEN  GENETIC LABS is a steroid that is produced in injectable form. This drug has a high anabolic and androgenic score. The active ingredient of this drug is an oil-based combination of testosterone esters.

The action of the drug is very simple, it accelerates the production of proteins, which consequently lead to a rapid build-up of muscle mass. The product also contributes to increasing the strength of the athlete, without provoking the effect of catabolism. Many athletes nowadays consider SUSTAGEN to be one of the best preparations for rapidly increasing the build-up of muscle mass.

This compound is appreciated not only for its effects during use, but also for the effects after its completion. This has been the main reason for the very high popularity of this drug in the world by taking a massively selective course.

SUSTAGEN reduces the production of natural testosterone in the human body. The longer the course of application and the longer the dosage, the more its effect is manifested. The drug should not be used by adolescents, including female athletes.


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