Proviron Prime Labs 50 tab x 50 mg/tab



Proviron  Prime
Manufacturer: Prime Labs.
Classification: Androgen-based steroid (synthetic androgens).
Active ingredient: mesterolone.
Dosage form: oral tablets.
Anabolic activity of anabolic: 45%.
Duration of action: 24 hours.
Androgenic activity of the steroid: 160%.
Time of detection of the drug in the blood: 2 months.
Proviron (Mesterolon) is often taken by bodybuilders during a course of anabolic steroids to dry the body and gain quality muscle mass.

The main benefits are
Increased libido;
Muscle elasticity;
Aromatase blocking;
Increases free testosterone levels in the blood;
Improves muscle definition and stiffness;
Increases muscle mass;
Increases stamina and performance;
Minimal side effects.
Athletes also use Proviron during a course of Nandrolone or Trenbolone, as the drug restores hormonal balance.

Proviron is actively used by experienced bodybuilders in preparation for competitions to give the muscles stiffness and volume.


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