“Omnitrope” 15IU 5mg vial total 751U (vialx5) Sandoz



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In children with growth retardation:

Due to insufficient growth hormone secretion;
In Sherechevsky-Turner syndrome;
In Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS);
In chronic renal failure (CKD) with a decrease in kidney function of more than 50%;
in children born with low growth rates for a given gestational age.
In adults, as substitution therapy in case of proved severe congenital or acquired growth hormone deficiency.

Contraindications to use
malignant tumors;
Urgent conditions (including conditions after cardiac surgery, abdominal surgery, acute respiratory failure);
Growth stimulation in patients with closed epiphyseal growth zones;
Breast-feeding period (breast-feeding must be stopped for the duration of treatment);
period of newborns (including premature babies) due to the presence of benzyl alcohol;
Hypersensitivity to any component of the drug.
With caution: diabetes mellitus, cranial hypertension, concomitant therapy with GCS, hypothyroidism (including during substitution therapy with thyroid hormones).

Side effects
Stiffness in the extremities, arthralgia, myalgia (in adults)

Peripheral edema (adults); transient skin reactions at the injection site (children)

Administration in children
It is used in children when indicated.

It is contraindicated in neonatal period (including premature infants) due to the benzyl alcohol content.

Administration in elderly patients
There is limited experience with use in persons over 60 years of age. Lower doses are recommended for elderly patients.


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