HGH Somatropin 191



HGH Somatropin 191 by GenoPharm is a true masterpiece of modern pharmacology. The preparation is perfect for those athletes who dream about gaining muscle mass, having magnificent muscles, amazing relief or want to get their body in excellent shape. This is a peptide type growth hormone, which is a 100% analog of somatropin secreted by the human body.

Dosages vary enormously, depending on the purpose of use and the individual. The most working doses for the average lifter are: 10 IU every day, 10 IU every other day, and 5 IU every day. You should start with 5 IU of every day and go up to 10 to 15 IU of every day if you are doing well.

A course of taking growth hormone should not be shorter than 3 months in order to get a steady effect, the best period is from 3 to 6 months. Maximum duration of drug administration at a safe dosage of up to 10 IU per day has not been established.

Conditions of storage
Store at 2° to 8°C. In diluted form it is not recommended to store more than one day.


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