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Cabergoline 0,5mg (20 tab)

Cabergoline is a post cycle therapy for athletes. Every year there are more and more people who regularly visit gyms and play sports intensively. In order to enhance the effect of training, many lovers of an active lifestyle also begin to eat right. Cabergoline reduces the level of prolactin, and thus has a positive effect on men’s health.
This is especially important when it is necessary to restore the normal level of hormones in time after a course of steroids, and thereby avoid such negative consequences as sexual dysfunction. According to reviews of this drug, a man becomes more self-confident during his intake, and, importantly, mentally stable.

The impact of Cabergoline on the athlete’s body
Cabergoline is a drug whose active ingredients affect dopamine receptors. Their impact neutralizes the negative effects of prolactin, a hormone that has a bad effect not only on the state of the muscles, but also on the functioning of the immune system.

Once in the blood, the substance affects the dopamine receptors located in the pituitary gland. The hormone of happiness is synthesized in the human body naturally during sleep or during moments of strong emotional outbursts. With the additional intake of drug therapy, the athlete feels the following effects:

  • increased effectiveness from taking steroid drugs;
  • improvement of the psycho-emotional state, growth of motivation and self-confidence;
  • strengthening immunity, reducing the number of seasonal diseases;
  • improving the synthesis of testosterone — the main male sex hormone;
  • improvement of erectile function, increased libido.

In addition, testimonials from satisfied bodybuilders indicate that Cabergoline often reduces recovery time between multiple sexual intercourses. The drug has a positive effect on all areas of the patient’s life, but its use can affect blood pressure. Because of this, athletes suffering from hypotension should stop using the substance.


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