Anastrozol “Prime Labs” (100tab/1mg)



Anastrozol Anastrozol 100 tablets x 1 mg Prime Labs
Anastrozol is an anti-estrogen of the aromatase inhibitor group. This medication is designed to inhibit the aromatase process during which the conversion of testosterone into estrogens. Thus, it is necessary to buy Anastrozol for athletes who are doing courses involving Testosterone esters and other aromatizing AAS.

Anastrozol in its class is one of the strongest drugs. This is because its eponymous active ingredient is a last generation aromatase inhibitor. It was created for use in traditional medicine, where it continues to be actively used today. However, it has also gained high popularity in the sports sphere. Many athletes decide to buy Anastrozol not only because of its effectiveness, but also because of the simple administration scheme.

Effects of Anastrozol
This drug has the following set of positive qualities:

speeds up the process of water utilization;
indirectly increases the concentration of testosterone;
Effectively blocks the work of the aromatase enzyme;
Is an excellent means of preventing gynecomastia, which develops due to high levels of estrogen in men.
Also among the advantages of this anti-estrogen is the high rate of action. The process of aromatization slows down significantly already on the second day after the beginning of taking the drug. In addition, the price of Anastrozol does not seem overpriced, given the effectiveness of aromatase inhibitor.

Rules for use Anastrozol
It should be said right away that women should not take Anastrozol to improve athletic performance. It can lead to a disruption of hormonal balance. Men can use the anti-estrogen according to one of two schemes. The first one is very popular, and not only among beginner bodybuilders. It assumes the use of anti-estrogen as a preventive measure.

For this purpose it is necessary to take the drug every second day on 0,5 mg. As part of the course Anastrozole is introduced in the second week.If the symptoms of side effects still manifested, it is necessary to switch to daily administration of anti-estrogen, and a single dosage of 1 mg.


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