Pharmacom Labs


Established in 2006, Pharmacom Labs began as a modest laboratory specializing in just four products. However, within the initial two years, our inventory expanded exponentially, now boasting over forty meticulously developed items tailored to meet the needs of both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned professionals. Our products have garnered a dedicated following spanning the globe, from fervent fans in the United States to patrons as far-reaching as Russia, England, and the Republic of South Africa.

Comprised of a team of dedicated professionals, our company is committed to propelling our industry forward. Each year, we actively participate in numerous international exhibitions to integrate the latest advancements in technology into our manufacturing processes. When you purchase any item from our extensive line, rest assured, you are acquiring the most technologically advanced product available on the market.


At Pharmacom Labs, we are unwavering in our commitment to delivering the highest quality products on the market. We continuously strive to stay abreast of the latest innovations in raw material quality assurance, drug synthesis, and final product packaging. Within our laboratories, we utilize state-of-the-art chromatographs to establish our own reference base of standard drugs. Before any raw material is approved for manufacturing, it undergoes rigorous comparison with these standards, ensuring a purity level of at least 98.5%.

For our oil-based products, we exclusively utilize natural oils that undergo a meticulous double filtration process. This ensures that even products with elevated concentrations are readily assimilated by the body. Additionally, our product filtration employs ceramic filters, resulting in crystal-clear final products.


Our commitment to product integrity is evident in our meticulous protective measures. Each product is adorned with an embedded logo on the cap, featuring clear and deep edges. Furthermore, the logo on the bottle is intricately crafted using ceramic dye, while holograms adorn the labels. The word “PHARMA” on the packaging is meticulously applied in foil, enhancing its authenticity.

Moreover, the logo on the box is meticulously applied using silver foil, with numerical indicators elegantly rendered in blue foil on the right side. The mark “M” on the box’s butt end is embossed upwards, serving as a testament to our dedication to quality. Additionally, the names of the drugs on the box are embossed upwards, further reinforcing our commitment to excellence.

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